Feedback and ?’s

This is a pilot program!  To understand what we are doing well and where we can improve, let us know~~

Also, this is a space for any questions or inquiries into fishery issues or anything else which may make us ponder….






week two photos of our Barnstable pickup from CSF subscriber Alan Budney!!


Captain Eric Hesse working tub trawl gear at the Barnstable pick-up site






Captain Kenny Eldredge demonstrating how the catch is caught at the Chatham pick-up site


More professional shots from Alan Budney, Barnstable CSF Subscriber



14 Responses to Feedback and ?’s

  1. Chris Ranney says:

    Someone asked about a “traditional” chowder recipe so here is the one that has been passed down in my family. My chowders are always made by eye so adjust the ingredients to match your own taste.

    My chowders start with salt pork. Onions and potatoes build a foundation and the seafood of choice is the star. I only covered fish and clam chowders here, but feel free to add scallops, lobster, shrimp or other shellfish to the mix. It’s all good!

    Fish Chowder: 1-2 pounds of fish fillets. Cod and Haddock are the staples but Pollock, Hake, Tautog, Fluke or Flounder will work as well. Use a good fish stock when available.

    Clam Chowder: 6-10 chowder size Quahogs or Surf Clams. The clams can either be shucked raw and chopped or steamed and chopped. Save the clam juices or the water from the steamer and add it to the chowder with the potatoes.

    Start by cooking a ¼ lb. of salt pork cut into ¼ inch cubes in a large pot and fry until brown and crisp. Remove the salt pork and save for garnish.

    Cook 3 coarsely chopped medium onions in the pork drippings until translucent. Add 4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into ½ inch cubes. Add enough stock, broth or water to cover the potatoes and cook until tender. Simmer over low heat till potatoes are cooked. When the potatoes are tender, add the seafood and cook until done. Test the broth and add salt and pepper to taste. (This chowder base can be refrigerated or frozen to serve later.) Add a quart of cream or milk and bring to a simmer. Do not boil! Top off with a few pats of butter, a quick grind of black pepper and serve. I like to add oyster crackers or crumbled Saltines to my chowder.

  2. Pete Sampou (husband), Rosalie Bell (Greenhouse Manager @ CC Organic Farm) says:

    We have enjoyed the weekly fish immensely. As an avid fisher myself, I understand the value of freshness to the taste of fish at the dinner table. We can attest, without hesitation, that the fish we have received from CCCHFA is the best fish we have ever eaten. I am a bit worried that my favorite reason for going fishing myself (fresh, good eating fish) is being surpassed by you all at CCCFHA! I hope I don’t have to find a new passion…….

    Many thanks for the great product,


  3. Mark says:

    I pan fried it in a cast iron skillet on the grill with onions on Saturday for supper, and served it with roasted root vegetables, acorn squash, and a spinach-beet-goat cheese salad from mostly local farmers/CSA’s. Simply delicious.

    The hake made a fine chowder with potato and leeks, and home made sourdough for Sunday supper – perfect game day fare.

    This CSF is a great idea. We all owe our thanks to Amy and Sue for getting this organized, and to the fishermen for sharing their harvest with us every week.

    A sincere thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

  4. Soup Lady says:

    Not since I was a young girl and Friday night was date night has that evening been looked upon with such anticipation. We now plan our night around the CSF offering and know that we are going to enjoy a gourmet meal at home. Candles are lit, table is set, sides are prepared, and my husband and I have our own “senior” version of date night. Thanks for putting the spark back into celebrating the start of the weekend!!!!

  5. Mary Barrette says:

    The scallops were the best ever!
    There sure is a difference in quality.
    Many thanks to Tye for providing them!
    This is a great program.

  6. Michael Westgate says:

    It would be interesting to hear some comments from the fishermen and the processor. How are things going from their perspectives?

  7. Jeffrey Brodeur says:

    I’m jealous of you all enjoying the tasty morsels from our local fleet! I wasn’t quick enough to join this time – seems like sign ups for the CSF went as fast as the Boston Marathon – but next time I’m on it!

  8. Caroline says:

    Yummy. Pollack this week from Smiley Bob. Can’t wait

  9. Meghan Hanawalt says:

    I am SO happy about this pilot and hope it becomes permanent! My wife and I also prepared the haddock as the centerpiece of a localvore meal that also included tomatoes and salad from Cape Cod Organic farm, and helped make 6 people very, very happy. It was awesome to meet Eric.

  10. Mike and Janet Lincoln says:

    The haddock was super fresh and delicious! Thank you!

  11. Jay Coburn says:

    The Haddock was wonderful. I picked up some fingerlings from Cape Cod Organic Farms and then prepared the Haddock with the last of the tomatoes from my garden sauteed with some garlic, capers, minced preserved lemon and chopped oregano. Added to that were green beans and carrots from my garden and we enjoyed an amazing meal with most of the ingredients grown or caught on the Cape!

    • Beth Fletcher says:

      The haddock was scrumptious!!!!! Baked it using your recipe and we added baked tomatoes, some pole beans cooked with garlic. All vegetables from our garden. Superb dinner thanks to your foresight.

  12. The haddack was simply incredible! So fresh and delicious that we savored every bite.

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