Fall 2010 – how it works

The Fall 2010 season will begin the weekend of October 15th, 2010 and run for 5 weeks. 

Pick up locations:

For BARNSTABLE GROUP   –   Cape Cod Organic Farm, Route 6A , ½ mile east of Barnstable Village Fridays, 2 to 4 p.m.

 For CHATHAM GROUP – Hook Office, 1566 Main Street in Chatham Saturdays, 9 to 11 a.m.

Please bring a cooler or insulated bag to carry home your seafood share.

We will maintain your seafood shares at the proper temperature during delivery and distribution. We are not responsible for what happens to your share after you pick it up from your delivery site.

The Fillet share will be boneless fish fillets. Please note, we cannot guarantee that every fillet is 100% boneless so be careful. Scallop shares will be shucked and bagged, ready for cooking. Lobster shares will be whole uncooked lobsters weighing approximately 1.5 # each.

If you cannot make your scheduled pick up, please ask family, friends, or neighbors to pick up your share. Any unclaimed shares will be donated to local non-profit workers!  If someone else is picking up your share, please make sure they know your shareholder’s primary name on the contract and that they have a cooler or insulated bag to transport the share.  Or, take advantage of our swap exchange on the website link for CSF participants.

All share pick-ups will require a signature on our delivery lists next to the shareholder name.

 If you miss a pick up, we cannot make up that missed share.

Please note, all share purchases are non-refundable but we will try to figure something out for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Missed deliveries on our part

  • The safety of our fishermen is paramount. If a delivery is cancelled because of hazardous weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances, you will be notified by email with as much notice as possible. 
  • If we cancel a delivery, we will double-up to compensate the missed delivery on the next available week’s scheduled delivery.  We can only compensate you for a missed share if we make an error.


We are communicating ELECTRONICALLY for this pilot program and we have only your email address and name on record (PayPal does not provide us your phone numbers).  If you have any questions and concerns, please email csf@ccchfa.org.  The interactive link will be available too, so should your question be of interest to the group, please use that platform as others may be wondering the same thing! 

Please note: the co-coordinators of the pilot are not at the Hook office regularly and so any calls to the Hook usually have to be routed back to us via email.  If email is difficult for you, please email us your phone number and we can try to accommodate.


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