Welcome the the Hook Association’s Community Supported Fishery Pilot Program!

Living and working among the fishing community allows those of us that don’t fish, but who are fortunate enough to know fishermen, to enjoy the freshest seafood available.  Often this means a lot of a whatever is in season and usually in mass quantities whichever way it comes!

The Vision for our pilot program is simple: We want the community to buy and enjoy fresh seafood – quality seafood- from those that catch it (who will soon be the people you know and trust).  Along the way, we hope that you learn a bit more about what is caught when, who catches it and how.   Our fishermen value delivering a quality product to a local consumer and have pride in keeping their catch local.

Our Goal: Many of us place value on knowing where our food comes from, who it comes from, and how it gets to us.  We hope to be the conduit between you and the fishing community and that your participation in this CSF will make for a more meaningful meal.  Cape Cod can be full of meaningful meals and we hope to ensure that more of the local fleet’s catch stays local and is enjoyed locally!  We hope you enjoy the experience.


About chathamfleetcsf

Working with the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association to initiate a Community Supported Fishery program to enable the community to buy fresh seafood directly from fishermen they know and trust
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